Early Work


Copper Red Textured Lidded Jar (11")

Shino Wood Fired Jar  (11")


Oil Spot Wood Fired Jar (11")



  Green to Pink Face Bag  
"Flower Child"


Face Sculpture "Nairobi Woman" 


Fan Top Box with Drawer (14")

Blue Black Teapot


Oil Spot Small Jar with lid (7")


Wood Ashe Small Jar with lid (7")


Green & Pink Slump Bag (14")


 Green to Pink Face Bag

"P. McCartney"


Red Stone Bag and Vases

Temmoku Tri-Teapot


Blue Drip Vase


Small Shino Bowl



Three Sided Bowls

Roman Key Bowl

lilman.jpg (13121 bytes)

Little Man


plate1.jpg (20931 bytes)

B&W Stoneware Hump Mold Platter


copper_raku_bowl.jpg (12210 bytes)

Copper Raku Bowl


tri-pitcher.jpg (19690 bytes)

Stoneware Tri Pitcher

pyramidtea.jpg (21028 bytes)

Stoneware Pyramid Teapot


smalllamp.jpg (27559 bytes)

Stoneware Triangle Lamp


biglamp.jpg (30745 bytes)

Stoneware Square Lamp

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